Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lori and Kat, where are you!?

I found myself wondering last night, at Felicia's Atomic Lounge, what's up with crabtwix and carpyscreed, and I'm sad to see that Kat's journal has been deleted. I was glad to get the brief word that she was OK after one of the hurricanes that swatted Florida this summer, and I'll have to dig up the contact info she gave me to pass along to Chris, so I can find out how she is. Lori's journal hasn't been updated in over two months, either. Hrm.

Felicia's is the new eatery/bar/club on West State Street next to Gimme! Coffee, where Enuwan was. (That's why it made me think of those two ladies, who came to Ithaca for The Thins CD Release Party this summer.) seity1 and I went there for dinner last night, since MeganMack works there and Shane pointed us there, and we never got around to leaving! (Well, OK, I left after six hours. Denise didn't seem ready to leave.) It wasn't a huge dinner crowd, but there were people coming and going for a drink or one of their cool personal pizzas, or a slice of Amelia's apple pie.

The crowd started arriving for the evening's music, Jules and Dami followed by Adrienne, before we'd wandered off, so it seemed like a good idea to stay. I knew lots of folks who turned up, including elizabetheileen and her cronies, and I recognized a bunch of other faces, but for the most part we were surrounded by dozens of women (a mostly, but not all, lesbian crowd) and a handful of guys. Some great music, and an awesome, friendly vibe. I'll have to return.

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