Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Shiny clean kitchen

Just washed some stuff that's been sitting around, and put away a few things that were in the drying rack. Cleaned the stove surface. Started a new batch of pulled pork with the boneless pork chops I got on sale (buy one, get one free) at the P&C this afternoon. I thought I'd posted my recipe when I first made it last September, but I guess not! I still have a rough idea of what was in it. Starting this batch with ketchup, mustard, and molasses, and if I think of anything else that belongs in there, I'll add it.

Nuking leftover chicken from last night for a pre-BFG early dinner. Already had some salad with Annie's Shiitake Mushroom & Sesame dressing, recommended to me by hierosheeki. Good stuff!

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