Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Extra innings at Fenway Park...

Between Phil's diabetes and Terry's low-carb diet, the Bound for Glory crew has fallen out of the habit of going for pizza after the show on Sunday nights. (The beginning of the end was when the Nines started having music more often on Sundays, so we couldn't really go there any more. Napoli was great, but it wasn't the same.)

Tonight, I was hungry after the show, not surprisingly. "Dinner" was mid-afternoon, and I knew I'd need something after the show. I gave Ken a ride home to the foot of South Hill, and decided I'd stop by Napoli for a slice or two to go.

Well, the game was on. It was 4-3 Yankees in the top of the 9th, so I decided I'd sit there, add a beer to my order, and watch the rest of the game. I'm a Mets fan and a Red Sox fan; I am not a Yankees fan. The waitress was delighted to have an ally! The Sox tied it up but, even with the bases loaded, didn't manage to get the winning run, so it went into extra innings and I raced home. If I didn't have the second DISH Network receiver in my bedroom, I wouldn't be able to watch without interfering with what my TiVo's recording downstairs! (Sunday night is my TiVo's busiest night; it takes full advantage of both time zones.)

I got home without missing much of the 10th, and it's now the top of the 11th. The Sox can win tonight! (At this point it's a matter of who tires out first.) But can they win four straight to win the ALCS and go to the World Series?

The pizza was really good, and was exactly what I needed. A pie had just come out of the oven, so I was able to enjoy a couple of slices piping hot.

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