Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I'm awake! I'm awake!

Our building is one of a couple dozen Cornell buildings scheduled for "evacuation drills" this week, and this morning the alarm went off around 10am. There's an annunciator and strobe right by Lee's desk, so it's very loud in our suite. (Must've been especially piercing for Lee.)

We all tromped outside and across the street to our official gathering point, which is at the entrance to the walkway that leads over to Thurston Ave., to check in with the building coordinator. Duane was passing around a clipboard so we could be accounted for. Now, this system is of limited relevance, since there's no way to know who would actually be in the building on any given day or at any given moment. But I guess in the event of an actual fire, they'd use such a list to try to go looking for people who in theory were in the building but hadn't yet been seen outside.

There was also some speculation that this might not have been the planned drill, but an actual alarm activation caused by the strong burnt microwave popcorn aroma filling the building. I didn't notice it until we came back inside, but people were talking about it while milling around.

Two Cornell Life Safety fly cars and two IFD engines responded, arriving seconds apart, quite quickly, though one of the IFD vehicles left after looping through the parking lot. My guess was therefore that this was in fact the drill, and once they'd responded, they knew they could return to the station to be ready to respond elsewhere if needed.

I got hungry an hour ago, thanks to my early morning, but it seems to have faded a bit. I suppose I should go find some lunch anyway.

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