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I guess I'm not the only one who forgot to sign the tiny little signature line in the middle of the United Way pledge form before returning it, to authorize payroll deduction for my pledge. I was wondering why there was another United Way mailing in my mailbox this morning, but in fact it was the same one, returned with the signature line highlighted... and a pre-printed sheet saying "Please sign this, you dip." (Or gentler words to that effect.)

A great time last night, starting with potato soup, pulled pork sandwiches, and fresh cole slaw for those who came early. Over the course of the evening, I was joined by seity1, angelah217, willdevine, kinnerc, ruffian_wind, and Theresa. Another anticipated guest sadly didn't join us.

I was actually quite impressed with the season premiere of "The West Wing," which featured some of the snappy writing I remember from days gone by, as well as some suspense and some conflict. Good to see we'll still have Steven Culp once in a while, even though he's also on "Desperate Housewives." I guess now that he's not on "Enterprise," he's got some spare time. This episode didn't resolve much, but did set up some interesting scenarios for later. Still to come, Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits as recurring characters.

And then there was baseball. Since my TiVo was going to keep my downstairs satellite receiver busy, recording "Law & Order" and then "Smallville" from 10 to midnight, I hooked up my Radio Shack video network gizmos between the other receiver in my bedroom, and the TV downstairs, so we could check on the game from time to time. It carries adequate, if not great, video and audio over the telephone lines in the house. (That reminds me, I need to connect the TiVo's phone line again, or it'll get pissy about not being able to get schedule updates.)

A few of us stayed through the end of the game, watching the near-disastrous decision to pull Lowe while he was still at the top of his form, the resulting Yankee runs, and the eventual Red Sox triumph. (We actually tuned in for a moment between "West Wing" episodes, and got to watch Johnny Damon shut up the Bronx crowd with his second inning grand slam. Talk about timing!)

Poor Pedro. The loud chanting from the entire home crowd that "welcomed" him to the mound was reminiscent of fan behaviour in Lynah Rink, and no matter how hard a player tries to ignore it, or pretend they can't hear it, it's almost inevitable that something that pervasive will get under his skin, if only just a little. Having said a few weeks ago that he hated facing the Yanks because they're "my Daddy," and he "can't find a way to beat them," he was doomed to this kind of taunting from the stands. He was actually settling in nicely after a few shaky moments (oh yeah, and allowing two runs), but we'll never know if he could have pulled the save out of his ass. Probably. Even worse, he'll never know, and when he next faces the Yankees, he may well freeze. But, Mike Timlin and then (briefly) Alan Embree held off the Yankees' offense.

Heh. Just discovered the tidbit that it's been exactly 100 years since Boston last won a pennant in New York on the last possible day, on a 3-2 victory in a doubleheader opener at Hilltop Park in 1904.

At this point, it almost doesn't matter how Boston does in the World Series. They beat the Yankees, making history by coming back from an 0-3 deficit, finishing off New York in the House that Ruth Built. What more could a Red Sox fan want?

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