Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Sunday driver

I spent a little time this afternoon driving around and checking out a couple of stores. Visited Radio Shack to get a look at the Motorola v710 phone that may end up being my first new cell phone in three and a half years. That may be the longest I've ever had the same phone! (A couple of times, I changed phones only because I was changing providers.)

The v710 is the first Bluetooth-capable phone available for Verizon Wireless networks, and for almost two years I've wanted to have a Bluetooth phone so that it could talk to my PowerBook wirelessly. That's useful not only for transferring people's phone numbers, but also for getting online via cell phone. The laptop and phone just need to be within 30 feet of each other, and I can get on the Internet from anywhere there's cell service.

I also wanted a Palm travel charger, a long overdue purchase. My Palm ran out of juice this weekend while I was in Kentucky, driving home the need for something I can carry around with me more easily than the spare cradle and bulky power adapter. The Radio Shack had some very expensive iGo adapters, so I figured I'd check out Staples, too. They had a Belkin USB adapter/charger that hooks up to my laptop's USB port, and can both charge the Palm and sync its info.

Relaxing for the rest of the afternoon before meeting friends for dinner.

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