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Uneventful return trip...

Made it back to Ithaca and work without incident. The layover at Pittsburgh was too brief for comfort, just enough time to inhale a sandwich and then hear my name come faintly over the PA system as I headed toward the gate to board. Not really enough time to think about it being probably my last visit to the Pittsburgh airport. I'll live. :-)

SDF-PIT flight was very full, and it's a good thing we arrived a few minutes early, or the delays getting hooked up at the gate would probably have kept me from eating lunch. I'd have been pretty cranky continuing on to Ithaca with nothing but pretzels as sustenance.

Beautiful and clear this morning in Kentucky, and most of the way to Pittsburgh, but it got very cloudy below us shortly before we landed. Overcast and drizzle in Ithaca. It seemed foggy enough as we landed, coming out of thick clouds with the ground coming up fast, that I was almost surprised they let us land, considering how we were diverted last month. Hot chocolate is helping with the residual dreariness!

Mostly caught up on e-mail and a couple of voicemail messages, and nothing pressing, so I'll work on a few minor items for the afternoon, and also probably catch up on LiveJournal.

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