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Time to go to bed...

But first, a thanks to dirtydina and seity1, who both made it out to Bistro Q for tonight's LiveJournal Meetup. I was at work until almost 7, then at a WVBR promotions dept. meeting until almost 8, then at Q from 8-10. Nice relaxing time there, after which Denise headed to hockey and I went to see if Megan-Mack was at Maxie's to see how her tooth was.

She wasn't there, but I chatted with Katie and Tracy a bit; Tracy thought she might be at Felicia's. So... off to Felicia's!

She wasn't there, either, but I enjoyed hanging out with Amelia and Leah a bit, and talking to one of their drunk customers. They're trying to get him in the habit of arriving not-drunk, and not drinking too much while there, so they can stay comfortable serving him. They're probably also going to get involved in an upcoming WVBR promotion, so the visit was fortuitous.

Again, I didn't quite get around to eating dinner, though I had excellent fried clams at Q, Cajun popcorn at Maxie's, and a slice of pie at Felicia's. Close enough.

Must be somewhere in too few hours. Thank goodness for 9+ hours of sleep last night! G'night!

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