Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Early day...

My late night was followed by a few hours of sleep and then an early morning. Registration started at 8:30 over at the Biotech building for today's Apple seminar on cluster computing focusing on bioinformatics. In other words, a biotech guy was here talking about how he uses Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID technology for loads of number-crunching and data storage. Between this visiting bioinformatics guy and two Cornell speakers who talked about how they use Apple stuff, I think they impressed a number of attendees.

Lee is now mulling over using Apple technology for more things in his work. His having taken over some of my Mac OS backline support responsibilities seems to have forced him to play more with Macs and discover he likes their flavour of Unix.

Tomorrow's 8:30am meeting, which I'd been vaguely considering trying to get to, has been cancelled, which is fine. Lunch tomorrow on campus with an Apple bigwig and our VP and several other folks. Not sure yet what to wear. I'm not the tie type, but I should probably go a step up from khakis and polo, no?

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