Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Power lunch

Apple senior VP Jon Rubinstein is on campus today for some meetings, and our Apple rep put together a lunch between him, the Dean of Students, and Cornell's VP for Information Technology (my uberboss), and invited a few Mac support folks from around campus and a few upper-level CIT folks to participate.

Banfi's, the nice restaurant in the Statler Hotel on campus, was actually full of bigwigs, since it's a Board of Trustees weekend.

Jon Rubinstein, who's actually a Cornell alum, but about a decade before me, remembered having met me before but wasn't sure where. Who knows? Might've been here, might've been at WWDC. I've certainly seen his face a lot!

It ended up being a very nice gathering, and an animated chat among Jon, Kent Hubbell, Jim Lombardi, Tracy Mitrano, and me. Jan and Lee and Polley chimed in less often.

Jon showed off his new iPod Photo, which impressed me even more than I expected it would. He also pulled out the front section of the San Jose Mercury News he grabbed on his way to the plane yesterday, to show us their coverage of this week's U2 event.

I'd given Gary the names of a few campus Mac folks, including one of my regular LJ readers, to consider inviting. He invited Age, who ended up too sick to come. When I got back from lunch, Age IM'd me to ask how lunch was, and I responded, "They gave us all an iPod Photo." A moment later, I added, "Just kidding." He said, "If I could smack you from here, I would =P"

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