Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Inquiring minds want to know...

Having mused here yesterday afternoon about what to wear for today's lunch, I should indeed let you all know what I ended up with.

I wore a nice burgundy long-sleeve button-front shirt and my olive khaki Dockers. Briefly regretted not having brought a tie, but I was sure that at least Lee would also not be wearing a tie.

Well, Jon (the Apple senior VP) was wearing jeans and a pretty casual button-front shirt today. Kent was wearing a suit, but I knew he would be, and so was the Apple regional manager. Our Apple rep was wearing a light blue Oxford, and I'd be willing to bet he was wearing a tie this morning but took it off when he saw what Jon had on.

Polley was in a nice suit, but she always is. Jim and Tracy and Jan all looked fairly casual. Lee was wearing a dress shirt for the first time in weeks; he says the last time he put on a tie was for his brother's wedding 15 years ago, and the next time will be when he's lying down in a pine box.

Gary tried briefly, in vain, to get the check away from Polley, who'd quietly asked the waitress for it. I knew what was coming before Gary did, since I was sitting next to Polley and heard her ask, so I was quite amused when Gary's boss said something like "Gary! Don't let her... she's signing the... don't..."

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