Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Great start from the Big Red

First real home game of the season, after last weekend's exhibition game, saw Cornell hosting Army. We used to play Army regularly, so it's nice to see this match-up once in a while. The Army game is often especially scrappy; sports psychologists say black uniforms seem to get teams riled up.

Tonight wasn't too scrappy, despite what must've been a huge mounting case of frustration on Army's part as Cornell kept scoring and they didn't. Final score was 7-1. Cornell has some impressive new players, including the 5'6" Topher Scott. (I actually wouldn't be surprised if he were an inch or two shy of that.)

Kinda disappointed in the coworker I gave my second ticket to this afternoon, who obviously didn't really grasp that I meant it when I said if she took the ticket, she had to come. I don't appreciate being blown off under any circumstances, but I really hate letting a hockey ticket go to waste. :-)

Got home to find a package of Northwoods Fire Seasoning courtesy of aedifica, who was telling me about the stuff the other night. Thanks, Liza! Since then I've been relaxing in front of the TiVo. Still have some catching up to do from my trip last weekend, but I've been making a dent the last couple of nights!

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