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Got up this morning and decided instead of going out for brunch, I should eat less and spend less. Next time, kenshardik! I've been eating a lot lately, and getting out of that habit seems like a good idea. I consciously stopped myself when there was pizza left at the Chariot, dining with Age and Eva before the game. But it wasn't too hard, since I was still feeling the lunch buffet from Wings Over Ithaca.

After the brief pre-election news department, I spent some time raking. I got home the other night to a thick carpet of leaves most of which have launched themselves off my trees over the last few days. Much more volume than the last couple of raking sessions. I probably got about half of the yard done, including part of the back, the south side, and part of the front. Increasingly large piles of leaves along the curb.

Two parties to get to tonight after the hockey game! No doubt I'll be sleeping late again tomorrow. If no one calls at 10am again. Then a house-rewarming party and a murder mystery party!

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