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It's earlier than it seems...

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, yes, Daylight Saving Time ended last night for most of us. At 2am it became 1am, giving us an extra hour to sleep... or party. :-)

I got home just before 2am, just in time to watch it become 1 again, but unfortunately that doesn't translate to an extra hour at the bars! They have to stop serving at 1 here.

So, if you haven't already, turn all your clocks an hour earlier. (Chances are, your computer has changed its own time, if it's running Mac OS or a recent version of Windows.) I've changed all but the clock under my TV. Oh, and probably the one in the guest room.

Mike IM'd me around 11 to see if I wanted to have breakfast. I haven't hung out with him in a long time (we used to go grab coffee on campus once in a while) and haven't had a chance to really chat with him at all since we both started our new jobs. I can't imagine the last time I ate at the Ithaca Diner. Decent, and cheap, breakfast.

I think I'll clear another hour of backlog from my TiVo before heading down for the living-room-warming party.

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