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Before I forget...


I'll try to vote on the way to work tomorrow morning, which ought to be relatively easy. My new polling place is pretty much on the way to work.

Already decided who I'm going to vote for in each of six elections, two of which are actually uncontested. I'm tempted to vote on a minor-party row for some of the candidates, rather than on the major-party row they're most associated with, just to help ensure some of the smaller parties stay on the ballot.

In case you're wondering, I'm voting for Kerry.

You don't have to tell me who you're voting for, or why; or why you agree or disagree with my choice. But please vote!

(If I didn't remember from four years ago just how dangerous a single vote could be, I'd consider voting for Paul Glover, a local activist who was being considered as the national Green Party candidate, because I think it'd be fun to see him get a vote, not because I agree with most of his politics.)

Still vaguely undecided on County Proposition Number One, on a resolution to authorize an existing Off-Track Betting regional operator to open offices in Tompkins County. I have mixed feelings on this, since it seems as though OTB offices in some areas just sap money from people who can't afford to be without it. But, Tompkins County residents can already place OTB bets by phone, and can gamble in any number of other, less legal ways, so it's not as though the opportunity isn't plentiful. Opening OTB here would mean hundreds of thousands of dollars of useful revenue for the county, money that's now going elsewhere. I'll probably vote for this.

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