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Tuesday morning

My new Roomba, a housewarming gift from my parents, arrived yesterday, and even before I started cooking dinner, I had it plugged in and charging. It has to charge for three hours before it's first used, and I wanted to play with it last night!

What's a Roomba? It's a robot vacuum cleaner that automatically maneuvers around rooms, cleaning the floor! It's so cute! When it senses a particularly dirty area, a little blue "dirt alert" light goes on, and it intently whirs around that section of floor a bit extra. It bumps into walls, furniture legs, people, or other obstacles, and turns a bit, using its little brush to get dirt from edges to where it can vacuum it up, and looking for a corner it can get around. It also zips periodically across the floor. After a while of seeking, it's pretty well covered even a large room.

Right now, it's vacuuming my basement. I'll have to bring it back upstairs later, since it's not going to be able to find its "home base" charging station by itself, nor can it climb stairs. Otherwise, when it's done, it heads to its base so it can recharge itself.

Off to vote at my new polling place. Should be an interesting day. Whoever you are, whoever you plan to vote for, if you're in the U.S. I urge you to vote today. Honestly, I'd rather see you vote for Kerry than for Bush, but even most Republicans and Conservatives that I know are voting for Kerry. (If there's one thing Bush isn't, it's conservative.) Not all. Maybe not you. Vote anyway. But I think that's what a lot of today's exit polling is going to focus on.

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