Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Heavy turnout

Three separate districts all vote at the Ellis Hollow Apartments, and there was quite a mob when I got there to vote on the way to work. There really isn't enough parking there, not by a long shot, so people were parked along the driveway and the access road. The residents there must hate election day.

After I'd been waiting in line for a while, chatting with AJ Strauss (from The Thins) over the head of a little old lady who was behind me and in front of him, one of the poll workers shouted that people in district 4 should be over here, and people in districts 11 and 12 should be in this line. I wasn't sure what district I'm in, but they had a big map, and I found my neighborhood in district 4. So, I went over to the shorter line.

The young lady in front of me was the fifth of six members of her family to vote today, so the poll workers were joking with her about her big family. She seemed happy to get the little "I Voted" sticker.

Hadn't been sure how I'd vote on Prop. 1, but I voted in favor of allowing OTB to open in Tompkins County. And, for the record, yes, I voted for one candidate who wasn't running on my party's line. I think he'd be better in the job. (I also voted on secondary party lines for a couple of candidates that were on my party's line, just to keep things interesting.)

As I was leaving, it was starting to rain lightly, which is never good for turnout, but I guess some huge portion of the electorate has already voted today. Good. You too? Good!

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