Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The TiVo disadvantage...

The one disadvantage of the TiVo is that I often miss out on learning about stuff that's coming up right after the show I'm watching. I just watched last night's "Dallas Reunion" special, and saw a few promos for the local news coming up at 11, promising a (presumably network-fed) feature exploring the real ranch where they filmed Southfork scenes, talking to the ranch owner, and also an interview with Larry Hagman about what he's been up to. Had I been watching last night, I could have elected to watch the 11pm news for that; I might have enjoyed the Southfork stuff, especially.

The special was a lot of fun to watch. It featured Larry "J.R." Hagman, Patrick "Bobby" Duffy, Victoria "Pam" Principal, Linda "Sue Ellen" Gray, Ken "Cliff" Kercheval, Charlene "Lucy" Tilton, and Steve "Ray" Kanaly, with an appearance as well by Mary "Kristin" Crosby. (She shot J.R., the fact a staggering 77% of people watching TV the night of November 21st, 1980 were tuned in to learn after an entire summer of waiting, elongated by a Hollywood strike.) Lots of chatting about memories amongst the actors, lots of flashbacks, and a countdown of the top ten "Dallas" cliffhangers as voted by fans. There was also a tribute to Jim "Jock" Davis and Barbara "Miss Elly" Bel Geddes. Jim Davis died during the series, and Barbara Bel Geddes actually sent a telegram that was read during the special. She just turned 82.

Sadly ironic is that those news promos also mentioned the death of a "Dallas" star. I learned last night that Howard Keel, who played Clayton Farlow (Miss Elly's second husband) after many years as a successful stage and movie star, died this weekend. I haven't seen any of his silver-screen work in ages; I should add "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" to my Netflix queue.

I'm still watching daily on Soap Network, right now nearing the end of the 1988-89 season. Two more seasons to go, and I'm really looking forward to the end of the series and Joel Grey's appearance!

CBS is rerunning the special this coming Saturday, if you're interested.

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