Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No fair!

This weekend's "Crossing Jordan" episode, which I started last night and finished this morning on the exercise bike, was the first part of a crossover with another NBC show, "Las Vegas." It looks as though the conclusion was on "Las Vegas" the other night. Anyone got it on their TiVo? I may look to see if I can download it later. Fun characters from "Las Vegas;" I especially liked James Caan showing up. Probably won't add it to my viewing list, though. I have enough to watch. (Mondays let me get caught up from Sunday night!)

Last night ended up being much more eventful than I expected, including licks from three separate dogs including a gorgeous light-chocolate dog I don't think I've ever met before, a bloody nose (not mine), a sip of Belgian beer, 20-degree air and some second-hand "smoke."

This morning was sunny and clear! I may try to get outside for lunch today. Still cold, but nice enough for a trip elsewhere to get food.

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