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Football game

I got a press pass to cover this afternoon's Cornell vs Penn football game, the last game of the season for both teams. It was a good afternoon to enjoy the game from inside the press box. It's the first football game I got to all season; it's been a while since the days when I went to virtually every home game, and even lots of away games. Here are some stream-of-consciousness thoughts I jotted down while sitting there.

We have two players named Chi Chi?

I decided to grab one of the Shortstop Deli sandwich bags in the press box just in time; the middle-aged man who got to the table just before me grabbed two of the last three bags.

One of the people in the press box with me had his eighty-seventh birthday yesterday. Dave Wohlhueter, who's also here, commented upon hearing that, "I'm going to be almost that old next week."

Chatted with Dave about his house, which is a block or so from mine, I discovered while out walking Picasso one day this summer. He's been there since 1977.

As for the results of the game...

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