Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"I'm not underestimating you... just do the same thing in Italy, please!"

I guess it's been a lot longer than I'd realized since I actually watched "Evita," though I listen to the movie soundtrack or one of the stage recordings every so often. During the movie's long years of negotiations, cast shuffling, and then production, I remember being as excited as I am now about "Phantom of the Opera." I was fascinated by the producers' futile negotiations with the government of Argentina, which refused to allow filming at the Casa Rosada, and then relented at the last minute, just before location shooting wrapped up and they were to leave the country. Would most of us have known the difference if those shots were done on a soundstage or at some random building instead? Probably not. But do I think it made the movie stronger that they shot those scenes there? Definitely.

There are a few scenes that never fail to take my breath away, including the sudden cut from flashback to funeral procession with its accompanying swell of orchestral music, and the dream dance between Eva and Che. When listening to the soundtrack, I often repeat that track several times.

The biggest disappointment of the movie for me was the absence of the great punchlines at the end of each verse of "Goodnight and Thank You." Each verse in the stage musicals had its own one-liner from Che to wrap it up, and even though most of the lyrics of the song have stayed the same, and the punchlines would still make sense, they're just gone. No idea why. The one change that makes perfect sense is in "Rainbow Tour," where the line, "She's a new world Madonna with a golden touch" was changed to avoid the actress's name. Honestly, I think they could have left it, but it might have seemed silly.

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