Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Record time...

Good weather and reasonable traffic for most of the drive, combined with a new 65 MPH speed limit on much of Route 17 that's always been 55, meant today's drive back was, unlike Wednesday's much longer than usual drive, much shorter than usual. Even with a stop for a relaxed lunch at the Roscoe Diner and some gas, my door-to-door time was only a little over four hours. Drive time was about 3:25.

Gas was pretty expensive all along my route, with regular unleaded in Roscoe at $2.199. Happily, the Sunoco had the 91 octane my car needs, so I didn't have to waste money on the 93 octane that most gas stations leap to after 89. I was amused to note that the prices atop one of the pumps read "$3.299" instead of "$2.299" for one the 91 octane. I'll post a photo later.

The only thing that didn't record successfully thanks to the blackout the other day (and its aftermath, I guess) was Wednesday afternoon's "Dallas." Most of the episode showed an error message from the satellite receiver, and at the end it started to show garbled video. The next thing it recorded was perfectly intact, and most importantly, it got last night's "Enterprise" without incident.

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