Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Happiness is a new sandwich

Stopped in at Willow after last night's 7pm meeting to finalize arrangements with Jack for next week's WVBR holiday dinner, and chatted with him and Jenna for a while. (Mmm, cheese plate.) Akio (sp?), who used to work there, came in for a beverage late in the evening, and as they were closing up, he suggested we all go to Madeline's for a drink. Jack didn't come, but Jenna and Sean (the owner) did.

We were there until they closed, time enough for one drink. Then someone commented he was hungry, and we strolled over to check out Jimmy John's, the new sandwich shop on North Aurora Street. Sean and I split a "J.J. Gargantuan," a $7 sub jam-packed with meats and cheeses and veggies.

Since I had to run downtown around noon today to kick our web server, I stopped in there for a sandwich on the way back to the office. This time I got a club sandwich on their thick-sliced 7 grain bread, a "Beach Club," with turkey, avocado spread, provolone, and various veggies. Excellent sandwich. They're open until something like 3am, and they deliver. There may even be one near you.

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