Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Sleep at last

Sing once again with me our strange duet...
   My power over you grows stronger yet.

Any illusions I had of doing anything last night after the holiday party were just that -- illusions. I chatted with a few folks, then decided to do some reading. After the magazine had hit me in the nose a few times, I took the hint and turned off the light, probably around 10:30. (Very early for me.) Slept until 9. That's a good start at catching up from the last few days!

This afternoon I'll probably stop by a family holiday gathering I've been invited to, but other than that I have very little planned for the day. Catching up on the week's TV sounds sufficiently vegetative. And if I can muster the energy, I may pull on some clothes and go outside to take a picture of my house with a little snow around it. The back yard looks pretty! No doubt the rest does, too.

Also, I think I'll have a hot breakfast.

Today I'll also start chronicling the mini-vacation of the last few days. Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington, Manhattan, and Dobbs Ferry. Lots of food, folks, and fun.

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