Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Lot 665, ladies and gentlemen:
   A papier-mache musical box in the shape of a barrel-organ.

By the time I got around to eating, my blood sugar must've been really low! I managed to drop the bowl of food as I got to the bottom of the stairs -- and catch it with my other hand, losing just a little bit. Breakfast was scrambled eggs with diced red pepper, some of the leftover pepperoni, and the last of the Monterey Jack from my party last month. Warm 'n tasty.

Before taking a shower, I did manage to get sufficiently dressed to get outside and take a picture of the house with some snow.

And I'm still getting IMs from random people at the Apple Store in Syracuse. John? Please go back and take me out of the buddy list, mkay? Thanks.

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