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In for the afternoon...

Hopes for a Sunday afternoon gathering at a friend's aside, I think I'm in for the rest of the day. The roads are yucky and snowy, and I think more driving would be a bad idea. Definitely glad I went to brunch at Willow, but the roads on the way back convinced me that I don't want to venture out again.

I was glad for my all-wheel drive when I had to get around a van that was struggling unsuccessfully to get up my road. If I'd stopped behind him, I'd still be down there. Luckily he wasn't going sideways too much, or he'd have slid into me while I was passing him. (Also, luckily, no one was coming down the hill.) Coming up East State Street, a car skidded into the curb trying to avoid the car in front of him, which slowed down suddenly when a taxi stopped at the curb with little or no warning to pick up passengers. No crunches; I think even the car that went into the curb was fine. I was far enough back that I got to watch and not participate in the dance.

One of these days, I should buy a snow shovel. :-} Just swept off my front walk, which is fine. If it hits four inches, George comes with the plow, but it would be nice be able to shovel off an inch or three.

Today was the last brunch at [info]Willow until January 16th, so I can't tell you to go next week, but I can strongly recommend the cinnamon french toast, served with real New York maple syrup and butter, and the organic oatmeal. I asked the waitress if it would be possible to try a taste of the oatmeal, and Sean was indeed willing to make me a taste... even though he's making the oatmeal from scratch to order. I found out later while chatting with him that no one besides me has tried it yet. He's starting with organic oats from Ludgate's and equal amount of water, then mixing in a lot of butter and a little honey. For mine, he added some half-and-half. (My guess of heavy cream wasn't far off, especially when considered with the butter as well.) I just bought another canister of Quaker oats, but I may have to pop out to Ludgate's one of these days and get some of theirs. Amelia and Leah came in as we were leaving, so I chatted with them for a bit. I'll have to pop down to Felicia's for flat-bread pizza soon.

Also had lots of coffee.
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