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Did I not instruct that box five was to be kept empty?

The director of IS, the other new division of CIT that resulted from the merger of BIS and the rest of I&D (my former division), invited us ATA "orphans" to today's IS holiday luncheon. They've got a big group, and I got to meet some new folks in addition to seeing a bunch of people I already knew.

They ran out of food.

I guess IS has as much trouble getting people to RSVP accurately as I do for our group lunches, so they didn't order enough... and the caterers probably underestimated how much was needed. The meat sandwiches and chili were pretty much gone when I got to the front of the line, so I had a delicious cheese and veggie sandwich. Unfortunately, it wasn't very big. That's also around when they ran out of plates and napkins.

Someone called Cindy, who called the caterer, and they actually showed up with a little more food 15-20 minutes later... some more sandwiches, only meat this time, to the dismay of a vegetarian who hadn't gotten anything yet.

There was also an optional "Chinese Auction" gift exchange, whereby each person who wants to participate brings a gift and picks a number out of a hat to set the order. Each person in turn then either picks one of the wrapped gifts from the table and opens it, or swipes something that's been opened from someone who went before. The first person to pick had the option at the end of keeping her item or stealing any of the subsequent ones; she grabbed the Carolans Irish Cream gift set, which was easily the most-swiped item of the day.

I took one of several remaining chunks of turkey sub on the way out. The cheese and veggies sub was better.

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