Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

There's a dog watching me eat...

I made some crock-pot potato soup again (though for this batch I tossed in the ham bones from last Saturday's breakfast ham) and after about 36 hours heating at low, I've turned it off to let it cool a bit, and I'm eating some.

Karen's dog Pepsi is staring at me; she had her lunch about an hour and a half ago, so it's just on general principles. :-)

She's been fine, and is definitely a sweetie, though she's an early riser, and I'm not. She was pretty good until I got up to go to the bathroom around quarter to seven. Then she knew someone was awake in the house, and barked again and again until I came downstairs to take her out for a moment. She has a condition where she's always thirsty, so is always drinking, so needs to go outside a lot. She's a dwarf Jack Russell terrier, and is cute and friendly. Other than this morning's barking, she hasn't been unpleasantly yappy, as many dogs her size are.

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