Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

New toys...

Got back a little while ago from several errands, starting off with picking up my new Motorola V710 cell phone at IthaCom Wireless. I highly recommend them if you need a cell phone or a new plan. Much friendlier than the company store, and they're more interested in setting you up with what you need than in making random sales.

It's my first new cell phone in over three and a half years, probably the longest I had one. Some of my earlier phone swaps were because I was changing providers (Cellular One to Frontier to Cingular to Verizon...) but this is just because I wanted a new phone that would do more. The wireless Bluetooth feature that lets it talk to my laptop without cables is key. Also, my old phone was being more and more flaky, so it was time.

Spent a little time test-driving a couple of other cars, including the Subaru Legacy, since that's the only one they had in the five-speed. I'd want the Outback Sedan or the Legacy GT (turbo). I also stopped by Ithaca Beer to visit elizabetheileen and pick up a growler of beer. She may be interested in my old phone, so I'll see about getting it fixed up.

Then hit the supermarket to pick up some supplies. I probably forgot something; there was something I was meaning to write down this morning, but never did. Ah well. It'll come to me.

And... I've had two TiVo referrals and expect one more soon. That's 3/5 of the way to a new TiVo! That'd be very cool. Then I'll have to choose who to give the referral points to when I sign up the new one.

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