Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Last month's visitor

Here's Pepsi, the dog I was taking care of over Christmas weekend. Karen, who I've talked to about scotch quite a bit, brought me two bottles of scotch to thank me for taking care of the dog. (I'm not all that interested in either Johnnie Walker or Dewar's, but her heart was in the right place.)

Pepsi is a dwarf Jack Russell terrier, and yes, her belly is shaved. She had a rash that they were trying to figure out a few weeks ago. It's growing back. :-) (The rash turned out to be a peanut allergy. Why the dog was eating peanuts is beyond me.)

She really doesn't seem to like cameras, though, and generally darted for her kennel whenever the camera came out. She sat still for a couple of shots, but mostly I had to be tricky. (And for the first two, she simply couldn't get any farther back in the kennel.)

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