Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lucky with the weather

The drive out to Providence on Friday offered great weather, right around freezing but clear and no precipitation of any sort, and the drive back from Boston yesterday (via Pawcatuck, CT) was cloudy but nearly entirely free of any adverse conditions.

This is especially impressive because Saturday was so nasty in most of New England. I'm glad we drove up from Providence to Boston on Friday after the Brown game, or we'd have been in bad shape Saturday; it really wasn't driving weather. We didn't have to move around much, so we didn't, just doing a little Boston sightseeing of the indoor variety.

Saturday night's game was definitely a disappointment. On Friday, both teams looked pretty bad, but Cornell came out on top. Saturday, there was a lot more energy from both sides, but Cornell couldn't manage to score a goal. Someone observed that if you lose a game 1-0, your defense isn't the problem.

Fun to see everyone, though, and lots of good food and beverage. Kendra and Paolo met us at John Harvard's, so I got to meet one of the people she frequently talks about. Similarly, meeting Joy's friend Adam adds yet another face to the pantheon of people she's always telling stories about.

I was asleep at a reasonable hour last night, but really didn't want to get moving this morning. There's a surprise!

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