Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Mission to Saturn

Saturday's indoor sightseeing was mostly focused at the Museum of Science, which jauntily spans the Charles River between Boston and Cambridge. Joy and Adam and I headed there after I picked them up at his Mission Hill apartment; they weren't interested in the car museum, where a bunch of other folks had headed. The highlight of the visit was the planetarium show we went to, "Mission to Saturn." (It didn't hurt that it was narrated by John "Dr. Phlox" Billingsley!)

The show was very timely... the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and its moons is nearing another milestone; the Huygens probe, which separated from the Cassini spacecraft a few weeks ago, will be descending through Titan's atmosphere and landing this Friday! I may get up early to watch NASA TV.

I have fond memories of massive lavish parties at the Museum of Science in the early '90s during the week of the Macworld Expo. I think one of the distributors hosted most of those, but I think one was hosted or co-hosted by SuperMac, which made high-end hard drives, big expensive monitors, and video cards. Baka was one of their strongest resellers, thanks to the Cornell market, so we were always invited to these. Imagine a huge science museum full of geeks with loads of free food and alcohol. There were people playing everywhere!

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