Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Gas prices

Regular unleaded (87 octane) has been edging under $2 a gallon here in Ithaca for the last couple of weeks, but this weekend in New England was the first time in a long time I've seen premium (93 octane) under $2.

I think the cheapest I spotted was in Mission Hill, near Adam's place, $1.85/gallon for premium at a no-name gas station. The cheapest name brand was $1.93/gallon for premium. I think I ended up paying $1.95 or $1.99 a gallon at the Hess on the way out of Boston (wasn't quite worth the 15 minute drive back to Mission Hill to shave off a few cents) and topped up for a similar price just inside Westerly, RI from Pawcatuck, where Joy and I watched the tail end of yesterday afternoon's Indianapolis romp at CC O'Brien's, her neighbourhood sports bar.

When we'd been sitting there for 45 minutes and had both been served everything we were going to be having, the owner came over, said he hadn't seen us come in, and asked for our IDs. Joy wasn't drinking, but he really wanted to see her ID, so she went out to the car for it. He claimed it was state law that anyone in there has to be 21. I'm not familiar with CT law, but it sounds like a pain for a place that serves food as well as alcohol to have to limit themselves to 21-and-over even on a weekend afternoon.

Wonder what would have happened if Joy's ID hadn't been out in the car, since she wasn't planning on drinking, after all. Would he have kicked us out?

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