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Lunchtime jaunt

Stephen and Keith (his wife) weren't going to call me, since they didn't want me to go to the trouble of driving down to see them when they were in the area! Hmph.

Well, the two of them were in Owego this weekend for an Aztek owners club gathering (they live in NJ), and I called yesterday to see what their schedule was. We arranged to meet for breakfast/brunch/lunch at the Cracker Barrel just north of the 81/17 interchange, which was on the way home for them.

Had a nice drive down... about 55 minutes. They didn't believe me when I said Exit 5 was really just north of 17 on I-81, and they zipped past it. :-) Luckily, it's a Cracker Barrel, so it's right at the side of the highway. They saw it, realized their mistake, and turned around at Exit 6. I arrived a few minutes later, and Keith had just enough time to buy some stuff she'd selected in the country store side before we were seated.

We had a great meal, of course. Cracker Barrel is always good. They took my advice and ordered breakfast instead of lunch, and seemed very happy. Talked about their Aztek weekend, including the cool vendor prizes that they gave away (Stephen was one of the organizers of the event), and about their house plans. There's a realtor open-house going on as we speak, and they've spent the last six weeks cleaning and decluttering! The first floor frame went up on their new house this week, and they seem to be on track to move in late September or early October.

They thought it was extraordinary that I'd want to drive an hour to hang out with them, but it was well worth it! And, even better, I'll get to see them again when we go camping in mid-August.

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