Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

11 minutes of "Medium"

I finally got around to checking out the pilot episode of "Medium" last night between work and "The West Wing," but gave up after eleven minutes. It really wasn't grabbing me. I'm not sure if it was the pacing, the weird exposition, or the over-acting on the part of Patricia Arquette.

I've liked Arquette before, though she's not nearly as prolific as her sister Rosanna. I guess you could say she's also not as memorable; Rosanna is more obviously Rosanna in many of her roles, whereas Patricia, more of a character actor, sometimes fades into the background.

Maybe I'll give "Medium" another chance later this season, if it survives.

Meantime, I'm hooked on "Lost," thanks to Joy wanting to watch it while she was in town. seity1 had the two-hour pilot on her TiVo, so I got to see the first few episodes before they resumed with new stuff this week. And I decided to give "Alias" another try, after fabunobo and others have raved about it, so last night's should be reposing on my TiVo awaiting my next free hour. Wednesday night is turning into another Sunday night! Thank goodness for two time zones worth of network affiliates.

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