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Weird weather

That's right, it went from 65 degrees F when I got home last night to 30 when I got up this morning. If it hadn't been cloudy most of the day yesterday, we could have frolicked in the summerlike weather, but as it was, we got to enjoy a little warmth. Walking out of Felicia's Atomic Lounge, where Denise and I split a couple of flatbread pizzas for dinner, carrying my jacket and wearing just the Felicia's t-shirt I'd just bought (yes, yes, and pants...), felt great!

A few hours later, I noticed a wall of red and yellow coming our way on the weather radar, and sure enough, before long it was raining heavily. If there was any electrical activity, I didn't notice it. It was still in the low 60s, though.

At some point overnight, the temperature dropped by 30 or more degrees, and the rain turned into snow, enough to leave a complete cover if not anything to warrant school closings.

Much as I'd like to stay in my bathrobe watching the occasional updates from ESA on NASA TV (don't hate me for my superior TV provider, Doc; join me!), it's approaching 8am, and I should get moving. The potato soup smells good, and I want to separate out a portion or two for hierosheeki before I add the cans of evaporated milk. (Somehow I doubt she'll want any of the shredded cheddar or crumbled bacon, either.) I owe her some soup to thank her for the fantastic loaf of bread she gave me last week! (It was delicious toasted with homemade raspberry preserves!)

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