Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Friday in transit

Finishing up last month's trip, Joy and I got up Friday morning in need of some real food. We showered and packed, and asked the lady at the front desk for suggestions of where to eat. She told us where we could find the Denny's, but said "If you want good diner food, go to the Double T."

That sounded good to us (I've never been a Denny's fan; it'll do when there's nothing else) so we got directions, and headed over there.

The diner was basically just off the path we'd taken from one hotel to the other on Wednesday, so it was easy to find, and there was a table available when we got there.

Mmm, coffee.

Imagine my delight to find scrapple on the menu! Scrapple is one of those regional variants of the "take leftover meat scraps, chop it up, and cook it" category, like sausage, paunpaun, black pudding, etc. It's basically a mixture of ground pork and cornmeal and spices, and I love the stuff. No, it's not that good for you, like most of its cousins. :-) So I only eat it once in a long while, when I'm someplace that happens to have some. (Todd brings scrapple to our office breakfasts, which haven't happened lately.) My breakfast thus consisted of eggs over easy, scrapple, and rye toast served nice and hot, plus some grits. I was good for a few hours. :-) No, I have no particular recollection of what Joy had, but I do remember she liked her breakfast, too.

In looking for a good scrapple picture, I found this web page about sausages, etc., so I'm sharing it with you!

We then headed north, with so-so weather all the way up. We made pretty good time, though, until a couple miles before the George Washington Bridge, when the traffic really backed up. It took us about an hour and a half to go the last couple of miles and across the bridge, thanks in part to a jackknifed tractor trailer. It must've happened very soon before we got to it, contributing only partly to the delays, because it was blocking one and a third of the two lanes, and the large trucks behind us couldn't go through. God knows how long it was before that cleared out and anyone could go anywhere; we were very lucky.

We made it to my parents' house later than we (or they) would have liked, but had time to head back into NYC for beeeej and Jessica's Hanukkah party. Joy elected to stay put and rest, and I told her she could take my car to visit Tracy. The party was great, and I really love Jess's apartment! It was also good to see Stephanie (no, not you, the other one...) and meet her boyfriend Todd.

After we got back to Dobbs Ferry, my parents dropped me on Main Street so I could hang out with Tracy and Joy for a while, then I headed off to go to sleep and returned to pick them up for breakfast in the morning. We went to our usual bagelry on Cedar Street, then Joy and I headed back to Ithaca.

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