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Talk about timing...

Friday afternoon, I bought my downstairs neighbor's old kitchen table and chairs, and helped her son-in-law move the last of her stuff out of the apartment. Saturday, she died at Hospicare, where she'd been living for several weeks. She was 78.

The funeral is tomorrow morning, at a temple cemetery about an hour away. I haven't decided if I should go, or if I should observe her passing privately, and send her daughter's family a card.

As I drove to work this morning, before hearing that she'd died, I mentally composed a letter I was going to write. Wayne told me Friday that he didn't think she was aware, any more, of who was visiting her. The letter would really have been mostly an exercise for me, since she couldn't have read it -- so I'm glad I "wrote" it in my head minutes before discovering that she'd died.

I really don't know Gloria's family. I've seen them all in passing a dozen times since I moved in -- which, ironically, was just before her husband, David, died. I'm sure they'll recognize me if I show up tomorrow, but I'm not sure they need me there.

I dunno.

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