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The end of "Dallas" kind of snuck up on me; I'd somehow thought it ran through the 1991-92 season, but in fact it ended in May of 1991. When I got home last night, I watched the episode aired Monday, and then on seeing the description of Tuesday's episode, realized it was The End.

Turned out that yesterday's was just half of the two-hour finale, which featured an outstanding Joel Grey as an angel (who turns out to be not quite so angelic) who, in Scroogelike fashion, shows a suicidal J.R. what everyone's lives would have been like if he'd never been born.

Several of the show's former stars and guest stars came back to reprise their roles, and it was great to (briefly) see Steve Kanaly as a Ray Krebbs who'd made a happy life for himself despite assorted adversities. When they showed Cliff Barnes's wife, I was sure I recognized her as Tricia O'Neil, who (among many other roles) played Captain Rachel Garrett in the masterpiece TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise." IMDB didn't include that guest role in her listing, so I decided I was wrong. Well, I just went back to check the episode's credits, and I was right after all. Tricia O'Neil is listed as Barbara Barnes. So, I've filled out the update/correction form on IMDB.

I should have known the series was ending; there were a lot of people leaving abruptly in Monday's episode, and lots of annoying things happening, most of them to J.R.

Dubious though the accomplishment may be, I can now say I've seen the entire thirteen-year run of "Dallas." There'd always been holes before. I can stop now; I don't need to start over again with the pilot episode, which airs Friday.

So which stripped program shall I watch next?

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