Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Lee was talking late this morning about someplace that has a six-pound cheeseburger for something like $25. If you eat the whole thing, including the two entire sliced tomatoes, entire sliced onion, half a head of lettuce, 12 slices of American cheese, cup of mustard, cup of mayo, and cup of ketchup, in three hours, you get a bunch of freebies.

Now, my reputation for inhaling vast quantities of food aside, I am not interested in the least in eating a six-pound burger in one meal. (I might enjoy sharing it with a few friends, though!)

But, suddenly I needed a burger.

Happily, Ron stopped by a moment later to chat about something, and asked if I had lunch plans. He wanted to go have lunch. So a little after noon, after I'd gotten to see the inauguration and most of Bush's speech, we headed down to Ralph's Ribs. I asked Barb to go ahead and pop a burger on the grill as soon as we got there, since they take 15 minutes and I didn't want to make Ron wait unnecessarily.

Started with a cup of commodore chowder, which it turns out is commercial clam chowder, commercial cream of celery soup, and some sherry and curry, plus some extra veggies and chopped seafood. Gonna have to try making that myself. Then enjoyed a great burger, which was exactly what I needed!

On the way back, since Ron needed a new computer keyboard, we stopped at Staples and then the Tech Connection (the computer resale outfit inside the Cornell Store). Ron ended up with one of Apple's Bluetooth wireless keyboards, which recently came down in price.

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