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Nice to feel a part of something!

I've been doing computer consulting for Cornell's Johnson Museum of Art for quite a few years. When I started my full-time job at Cornell, and could no longer be their primary consultant (which was usually 2-6 hours a week), they actually threw me a going-away party, complete with cake, the day of my last weekly Wednesday visit!

Since then, I've done little bits of part-time consulting for them, mostly when Ari is out of town for his weeks-long summer vacations. (Ah, the life of a college faculty member!) When I was there last week, they asked if I was free tonight. They've asked me to join them for their annual staff party!

This year, like last, it's a dinner cruise on the M.V. Manhattan, a lake cruise boat that does lots of dinner, brunch, and booze cruises on Cayuga Lake. Two years ago, the first I recall being invited to, was a BBQ at Taughannock Falls State Park, on the lake shore.

I'm not 100% sure my mood is right for a dinner cruise, which'll trap me for a little over two hours whether I'm having a good time or not, but I think I'll go. I just hope it doesn't rain like last year. :-)

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