Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The anonymous experiment...

My earlier post inviting anonymous comments has garnered a few interesting ones. I set the post to screen comments, thinking I would want the opportunity to review them before making them public, but I think I will leave them hidden. Some of you may be speaking up under the assumption that no one but me will see the comments, and I don't want to risk anything appearing in public that shouldn't.

I'll probably excerpt bits of some of them in future posts, so I can respond; otherwise there's no way I can. Well, there's no time like the present...

I'm being driven crazy...

I wish you the best of luck in coming to grips with what you're facing, or finding the means to change it somehow. If there's any way I can help, even if it's just to lend an ear, I'm here.

I think this is an interesting experiment, of sorts. It seems to invite a lot of vulnerability...

On both our parts, yes. It leaves me vulnerable to the possibility of hearing things I might not want to hear, while leaving you (collectively) vulnerable to expressing yourself about topics you might prefer to keep quiet. I took the opportunity to say in someone else's journal something I wish I could bring myself to say here; it's something I've been reluctant to even think to myself, but I think something I need to deal with. That's a good vulnerability, I think. It got me to be honest with myself by being honest (if anonymously) with someone else. Now that I've said it, maybe I can ponder some more, and then say it here.

The real vulnerability here might be in my deciding what to respond to, and how. :-)

I don't know you very well but feel you are worth getting to know.

Thank you. :-) I sometimes hear that I'm difficult to read, or occasionally that I'm intimidating, but it's not intentional on my part. (Usually?) I hope you find the opportunity to get to know me better before long, and take it!

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