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As I expected to, I slept really well last night, following the night with not quite enough sleep at the Brae Loch. I really didn't stay up very late, closing the laptop and turning off the light at about 12:45. I woke up about 11:15, feeling good and well-rested. The faint tickle in my throat last night while walking around was gone. The details of the vivid dreams I remembered when I woke up have faded, but I do remember that corredance was in one.

It's really kind of silly how 30 degrees can feel bonechillingly cold just a few days after I was walking around in zero-degree weather. But last night I definitely felt cold. I guess I wasn't really bundling up the way I had been. I was definitely glad I ignored my impulse to wear just my fleece to the hockey game. I would have been OK sitting in Lynah that way, but it would have been really cold walking around.

seity1 and I went with Christine and Anne and Age and Eva after the game down to Shortstop Deli. Anne and Chris wanted some Hot Truck, but they didn't feel like waiting until 11 or so, when the Truck would open, so Shortstop it was. I suppose it was better than nothing, but they really don't do a very good job with those hot subs. They forgot the meatballs on ours... but at least they forgot to charge us for them, too. One of these days I'll need to head over to the Truck itself. Probably not tonight after BFG; I still have half of the Subway sub I grabbed on my way here.

Anyway, we headed back up to campus and sat at the Regent Lounge eating our subs and having some tasty beverages. The weekend in Providence and Boston was largely spent running around, or in huge groups, so this was a good chance to just relax with this group of hockey travelers.

I spent a productive three hours at WVBR today for a Guild meeting (the Guild is the non-profit membership corporation that owns and operates the commercial radio station, a bit of an anomaly in the broadcast world). That's an unusually long meeting for a non-election meeting, but it was full of useful stuff. I then watched the two episodes of "24" I've had sitting on my TiVo before heading to BFG. I still have to catch up on "Carnivale," but that'll take quite a while! I should really watch the first season again before picking up the new episodes, since I'm not sure where I left off in the middle of the first season. Mostly caught up otherwise; just last week's episodes of a few shows left.

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