Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

These jeans don't fit...

Well, the first of two pair of jeans I bought on eBay last week arrived yesterday, and they don't fit. They are not, in fact, the advertised 38x32 size. How am I sure? Well, I have an older identical pair, and they're simply different lengths!

Why, you might ask, am I buying jeans on eBay? Sadly, Sears stopped manufacturing the Roebucks jeans that I like so much and that fit me so well. They're now selling just big-name brands like Levi's and Lee, and "store brands" like Canyon River Blues and David Taylor, made for Sears but not by Sears. I guess no one but me was still buying Roebucks jeans after fifty years.

I e-mailed the seller, who said he or she (it's "Chris," so I'm not sure) thought the inseam really was 32", but if I returned them and it turned out not to be, I'd get my money back, plus the extra shipping cost of returning the jeans. If s/he measured and it turned out to really be 32", I'd get back just the cost of the jeans, not the shipping either way. This seems fair. If the seller tries to screw me, I've got PayPal buyer protection, and will get my money back anyway. Thus the photos... I've pretty well documented that what I received is not what I expected. (Any other pictures I should take before sending the jeans back?)

Interesting trivia tidbit... note the "Brooklyn 12 N.Y." address? This was my grandfather's ruler, and it's from before there were ZIP Codes! (Yep, same grandfather as the letters from a couple weeks ago.)

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