Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Let's Go Red!

Great hockey last night... another defensive struggle between Cornell and Colgate up in Hamilton. It was scoreless until late in the third, and the TV crew around us were talking about how overtime works these days. (Two minute break, then a five-minute sudden-death overtime period, and that's it. Either there's a winner after one overtime, or it goes in the books as a tie.) Then Cornell took a time out, and with 1:33 left in the third, scored right in front of us in what felt like slow motion but was just a bit too fast for the Colgate goalie.

We stopped at the Brae Loch on the way back, and relaxed for a bit before diving into a yucky foggy drive back. That'll teach me to comment in advance on how clear the evening was supposed to be. Jimmy spotted me, and came over to say hi. He offered me a drink, but we already had ours; he got us some horseradish cheese spread and crackers, though.

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