Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

From "Phantom" to pancakes

I've crawled into bed with my nice warm just-out-of-the-dryer sheets, and can now reflect on a splendid day.

Saturday began mid-morning when I woke up corner-to-corner on my bed. I've been known to stretch out (you know, Anbinder's third law of physics, a sleeping body expands to fill all available bed space) but rarely wind up diagonal.

rmaus drove up to Ithaca to join me for "Phantom of the Opera," which I'd seen six weeks ago, but she still wanted to see. I'm glad I followed my impulse to see this a second time. The audio was horrific, but I was largely focusing on visuals this time through. I really enjoyed some of the details I'd missed the first time, such as the amazing spectacle of the masked ball. I hadn't noticed until today that everyone at the ball is wearing black or white (or black and white in a remarkable variety of patterns), except for a few people standing at the foot of the stairs dressed as gold statues, Christine in a faintly pink dress, and the Phantom in red -- the only time he's not wearing black and white.

I really wish they'd given us a closer look at the golden statue-people, who were just standing around near the actual statues. They were wearing gold, but their skin was also painted gold. Nice effect.

Patrick Wilson impressed me more the second time through; his voice is outstanding, and I think his acting was pretty much dead on. The role of Raoul was somewhat minimized in the movie, making it a little less of a triangle, but he did well. Gerard Butler's Phantom didn't hold up as well to closer scrutiny. His singing was certainly never crisp, and his pacing and key were sometimes off. Once or twice he seemed to be singing too earnestly for the moment, though at other times his raw power impressed me. What can I say? I'm spoiled; I've seen Crawford do this.

Emmy Rossum, though, definitely still shines.

It was fun chatting with Rachel, about child_of_oz and Waverly and work and such. I'll have to head down to her neck of the woods sometime; I would have this time, except "Phantom" was only playing up here.

Hummus pita at the Corners Deli on the way home, then did some shopping and laundry and dish-washing before hockey.

Mmmm, hockey.

Coming off last night's last-minute 1-0 win at Colgate, Cornell was very energized tonight, and despite some iffy puck-handling, looked good. A close game again... this one ended with a 2-2 tie after overtime. Very scrappy, and very poor officiating, including a couple of non-calls both ways that really needed to be called, refs in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a couple of whistles that just shouldn't have been blown. One of those was a non-icing icing call (they brought it back to center ice) and the other was a too-quick whistle when the goalie didn't cover up.

seity1 and I went to Manos for pancakes after the game; the pita was too long ago, and I needed some real food. We ran into a couple of tubas there! I chatted with them briefly about their Swanee encore, which they were very pleased about.

Sleep soon. Good night!

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