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I disagree with Bill Simmons, who in his blog yesterday said "Can the Eagles do it? No!"

Coming into the game, the Eagles certainly had what it took to win a football game, even against the Patriots, whether you believe in the "any given Sunday" concept or not. In fact, Simmons was full of praise after the game for Terrell Owens, "loping around the field and making big plays, an inspiring performance if there ever was one."

Honestly, in a game full of turnovers, in which each team screwed up multiple times and then each muscled back from the brink, I think this was an exceedingly well-matched pair of teams. Each trailed for the first time this postseason, each gave up stupid turnovers, and each had some truly inspiring plays.

Perhaps most impressive was the Eagles struggling back to within three points when they'd been written off. Better use of time a few minutes earlier, and they could well have won.

I had a good time with the small group that made it to my place. Thanks for coming!

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