Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Yay! Chocolate!

My brain hurts, but I found some hot chocolate and I'm almost done with the quarterly report for the division.

Off tomorrow on a road trip. There was no realistic way to make it to Aunt Gertie's funeral yesterday, but assorted relatives are sitting shiva at her grandson Steven's house in Armonk through tomorrow, so I'm going to head there before going to Princeton and Yale for the weekend's hockey games. I'm hoping to get an early enough start out of Westchester to not get clobbered by rush hour en route to Princeton. Especially since I haven't been to Princeton in years and have never been to their hockey rink. I want to get an early start and get there in daylight.

Suggestions for pre-game dining near the Princeton and Yale rinks? No one seems to have any plans yet.

Picking up Joy about an hour north of New Haven on Saturday afternoon, and after the game, it looks like we'll be driving back to Dobbs Ferry to spend the night there rather than drive the four-plus hours back to Ithaca that late.

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