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"As long as I'm in the neighborhood..."

Got a call on my cell phone Wednesday night, while I was at the Mogils' house learning to feed the snake for when they're away. It was Joan, a friend in Kentucky, calling to say that Joost, a mutual friend, who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was visiting his brother in Ontario. As long as he was "in the neighborhood," he wanted to pop down to Ithaca for a visit!

So when I got to Denise's for the movie, I borrowed her computer long enough to hop on IRC and chat with Joost. E-mailed him directions from Brockville down to Ithaca, and he drove down yesterday morning.

Ended up taking the afternoon off to have lunch with him and J.C., then drive around Ithaca a bit so he could enjoy some of the sights, then do a walking tour of the Cornell campus. His girlfriend is interested in coming here once she completes her masters at York (I think), so he was especially interested in seeing the campus. He was staggered by how sprawling it is! Also was a perfect day for such a tour, since it was sunny but not too hot. Everything looks pretty good this time of year, even if some of the lawns are browning a bit.

It was great to act as tour guide, and a good opportunity to see the campus myself in a casual manner. (Since I now work off-campus, I don't get to do that strolling as much any more.) And even if I've already gotten to see Joost a couple of times this year at STARFLEET functions, this was a better chance to hang out and chat with him, without the crowds.

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