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Fire-grilled peeps

Yes... we are making s'mores and roasting peeps over a sterno flame in Anne's handy-dandy portable s'mores maker, in the hotel room between hockey games.

Cornell won a nail-biter tonight, a 3-2 overtime win after they scored first just 16 seconds into the game, then remained scoreless, despite a pair of St. Lawrence goals, until late in the third. Cornell also had two goals waved off, one when the net was dislodged after the puck went in, and the other for reasons never made clear to us.

We're relaxing for the night, and then killing time tomorrow before heading to Potsdam for the game at Clarkson... the final game of Cornell's regular season.

Tonight's win and Harvard's loss to Darmouth mean Cornell has locked up first place in the Ivy League for the season.

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